How to find the perfect picture?

When looking through your pictures and albums of your loved pets, or taking a new picture yourself, there are a few key things to consider:

  • Good Lighting – Is your picture light enough to see your pet?
  • True eye color – Does the picture show the true eye color of your pet?
  • True fur color – Does the picture show the true fur color of your pet?
  • Visible fur direction – Can you see the fur in detail?
  • Texture detail – Can you see the iris detail of your pets eye, or pebbled texture of the nose?
  • A good distance from the camera – is your pet too far away and hard to see?

Below is an example of a bad picture vs a good picture:



If you are having trouble choosing a reference picture of your pet then please feel free to send me a selection and we can discuss together which would be good for creating your custom pet portrait.

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